Structural Engineering

We are the proud processors of the greatest post-independent Engineering achievements in Sri Lanka. The largest talented well qualified and expert structural Engineering team is capable of undertaking engineering challenges as they delivered the same in past five decades.

The state-of-the-art design of dams and hydraulic structures such as spillways, tunnels, guide walls, outlet structures, etc. done from its establishment in 1973, enlightened us to become one of the leading engineering firms in the country.

A good structural design based on capability, competence & quality explores a wide variety of options to find the best solution, which can save significant costs over the life of a structure.

We are specialized in

Most of the structures built today are falls under reinforced concrete, steel, timber, composite, or a combination of those. We have a team of experts who have the knowledge and experience in designing different scales of structures.

Special areas of structural design we are keen on,

The use of modern computer packages has led us to the next level of structural design where the performance of the structure is taken into the account the design. We are concerned about the structural optimizations while the structure meets all the specifications.

We have proven our competence in structural designs while involved with the remarkable project having national importance.