International Exposure

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Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau is one of the prominent state owned enterprises in Sri Lanka and has expanded its services beyond its borders. Our technical staff has exposure to infrastructure projects overseas and have worked with multi-disciplinary international organizations.

Our involvement extended to countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Maldives, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, etc. We focus on expanding our services worldwide.

Our vision is “To be World Class Engineering Organization”. After the diversification of the Bureau into different sectors to spread the services worldwide, we are continuously working with international partners.

Our involvement in consultancy services is connected with two main themes.

  • International Projects with Foreign Partnerships
  • Sri Lankan Mega Projects with Foreign Partnerships

We have successfully completed many mega projects having national importance jointly with our international partners in sectors such as hydropower and water resources, buildings, transportation, ports and coastal, feasibility studies, etc.

Our 475+ Graduate Engineers together with 900+ technical staff are well qualified with knowledge and experience in delivering expert services.

International Projects with Foreign Partnerships

CECB has provided consultancy services in different disciplines such as building designs, geological and geotechnical engineering investigation, tunnel design, construction supervision and quality assurance, environmental impact assessments (EIA), feasibility studies, etc. in collaboration with international partners.

Effective communication modes have now enabled the world to bring to one table although we locate in different parts of the world. We have the strength to recruit or provide consultancy services from Sri Lanka to meet the need of the project

Local Mega Projects with Foreign Partnerships

Being the one of leading state-owned engineering enterprises in Sir Lanka, we have provided our services to many infrastructure projects and has involved with most of the national important projects.

CECB has had the experience of working with foreign counterparts from its establishment in 1973 in many mega projects. It enabled the Bureau to build its expertise in different sectors and to have a well-qualified and experienced staff. 

Designs and design reviews, project management, construction supervision, quality assurance, etc. are the main areas of our engagement within those projects.