CECB Symposium

CECB organizes an annual symposium which has set the stage for our young multidisciplinary professionals
to share with others their specialties and experience as applied in designs and project implementation.
Importantly, it encourages our engineering practitioners and other professionals to present, share and publish
their work and project outcomes for the benefit of the nation.
Engineers, Architects, Scientists, Quantity Surveyors, and other professionals present their know-how and
experience on their ongoing activities with case histories, innovative findings, and opinions. This also
provides a platform for networking with government policy makers, innovators, researchers, and participants
from other institutions. Senior academics of national universities have also graced these events and presented
keynote addresses.
In 2019, our Annual Technical Symposium was very successfully held under the theme “Innovation
Engineering Technologies towards Sustainable Development”, while in 2020 the theme was “Innovation
Engineering Technologies towards Sustainable Development”.