About CECB
To be a World Class Engineering Organization

Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB) was established as a state enterprise by the Government of Sri Lanka in 1973. Presently it is attached to the Ministry of Irrigation.

We have been operating as a self financed State Corporation since inception and are primarily involved in providing Engineering Consultancy, Construction and related services. Our Clients include both Public and Private Sector Institutions. Since 2016, Construction Services are being undertaken by a fully owned subsidiary Central Engineering Services (PVT) Limited (CESL).

We have provided services internationally and have operated in the Maldives, India, East Africa and UK.

Today we have a total staff strength of 1200 of which nearly 900 are in technical trades. Among them are 460 Graduate Engineers.

Our areas of specialization include Hydro Power & Water Resources, Buildings, Health Sector Infrastructure, Roads Bridges & Railways, Ports & Coastal Projects, Environmental Studies. Feasibility Studies and Airports.

CECB has a fully equipped laboratory for testing engineering materials and a Geological Investigations Unit.

Our Philosophy


To be a World Class Engineering Organization”


“To be a World Class Engineering Organization, acquiring excellence in Engineering, Architecture and Quantity Surveying, utilizing state of the art technology, with a highly motivated, trained and skilled workforce rewarded appropriately for their contribution in the optimum use of resources for the maximum benefit to mankind”

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Healthcare Infrastructure
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Our History

At the time of its formation, the objective was for CECB to function exclusively as an organization providing consultancy services for large scale water resources projects identified and pursued by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) mainly based on the Water resources Development Plan of 1959 and the UNDP/FAO Master Plan of 1968.

During its early years CECB was called upon to prepare studies for several of these reservoir projects including Samanalawewa which were given priority.

In 1970, GOSL embarked on the ambitious plan to develop the Mahaweli river basin for hydropower and irrigation over a period of 30 years. In 1978, GOSL decided to accelerate the Mahaweli Development Plan and sought to complete it within a period of 06 years. It required construction of many large reservoirs such as Kothmale, Victoria, Randenigala , MaduruOya and Rantembe in parallel, within a short period.

CECB was called upon to serve as the local counterpart to a diverse group of International Consultants and Contractors mobilized for the accelerated project. It completed this task successfully and received commendations from the Government. Through this involvement CECB was endowed with a well experienced human resource base.

With the completion of accelerated Mahaweli Development programme, CECB embarked upon diversification into sectors other than Water Resources. During the last two decades it gained specialization in Buildings, Roads and Transportation, Ports, Coastal, and Irrigation.

Services provided by CECB were further expanded with the establishment of an engineering laboratory and a geological investigations unit.

The Act of Incorporation of CECB was amended in 1995 for CECB to engage in Design-Build and Turn Key services. Many landmark projects have been completed by CECB since then on Design-Build basis.

The Act of Incorporation was further amended in 1998 allowing CECB to form Limited Liability Companies for specific purposes. In 2003, a fully owned subsidiary company, Central Engineering Services (Pvt) Limited (CESL) was formed. Since 2016, CESL has been tasked with construction services.

Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Eng. B.A. Sunil Perera

B.Sc. Eng, MBA, C.Eng
Tel : +94 11 2668801
Fax : +94 11 2687487
E-mail : chairman@cecb.lk
Eng. W.B. Palugaswewa

BSc. (C.Eng.), MSc. (Ground water Hydrology), MSc. (Geotechnical Eng.) MIE (SL)
Tel : 0718191413/0772948034
E-mail : w_palugaswewa@yahoo.com/ wpalugaswewa@gmail.com
Dr. S.J.K.M.R.N.M Gunathilake

MBBS Sri Lanka
Tel : 0714459299
E-mail : nihalgunathilake9@gmail.com
Eng. G.D.A. Piyatilake

BSc.Eng.Hons, PG. Dip. (Const.Mgt), PG. Dip. (Port & Coastal Eng.) Norway, MIE(SL) CEng., MASCE
Tel : 0773721021
E-mail : gdapiyatilake@gmail.com
Eng. Kamal Amaraweera

BSc.(Eng) Civil, CEng. MIESL. Diploma in HRM, AMCIPM
Tel : 0773161027
E-mail : kamal.amaraweera@yahoo.com
Mr. Ariyasena Gallage, AAL

Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B) University of Colombo (Internal)
Tel : 0718157852/0774181417
E-mail : ariyasenagallage.2500@gmail.com
Ms. B.N. Gamage

B.Sc. (Hons), MBA, MPM
Tel : +94 11 2484656
E-mail : biyankag@yahoo.com
Senior Management

Senior Management

General Manager
Eng. S.A.U.D.C. Siriwardhana

B.Sc. Eng.(Hons) Sri Lanka, M.Sc. (Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development) Netherlands, C.Eng., MIE(Sri Lanka)
M Cons. E (SL), MICOLD (SL), Member of SLGES, Registered Structural Engineer (SL)
Tel : +94112668866 Fax : +94112687369
E-mail : gm@cecb.lk


Eng. S.S.A. Kalugaldeniya
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), M.Sc.(Structural), MSSE (Sri Lanka)
Tel : +94718334489
E-mail : aravinda@cecb.lk / aravindakalugaldeniya@gmail.com


Eng. (Ms) S.S.I Kodagoda
B.Sc.Eng., CEng., MIE(SL), PG.Dip (Development Studies and Public Policy),MPhil(Earth Science)
Tel : +94714488483
E-mail : virajhcecb@gmail.com


Archt. H.W. Lalith Kumara
B.Sc. (Built Environment), M.Sc. (Architecture)
Tel : +94714213476
E-mail : hwlalith@hotmail.com


Eng. W.A.D.D. Nandakumara
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), MSc (Water Science & Engineering)
Tel : +94714452924
E-mail : nandakumarawadd@yahoo.com


Eng. I.R.P. Gunathilaka
BSc Eng., CEng., FIE(SL), MEng (Geotechnical Engineering), Meng (Hydraulics & Environment) M.A. (Archeology), MBA (Management Technology), MSSE (Sri Lanka)
Tel : +94718071056
E-mail :gunat2@yahoo.com / hwcecb@gmail.com



Eng. M.N. Gunasena
BSc Eng., CEng., MIE(SL)
Tel : +94714488167
E-mail : cecbcentral@yahoo.com


Eng. Manura Weerakkody
BSc. Eng.(Hons), C.Eng., MIE(SL), M(ECSL), GreenSL (R) AP
Tel: +94 70 372 1029
E-mail : manura@cecb.lk/ manuraweerakkodycecb@gmail.com

A/AGM (Mechanical)

Eng. J.J. Jayasinghe
BScEng.,CEng.,MIE(SL), PG.Dip (Building Services Engineering)
Tel : +947144521671
E-mail : cecbmech@yahoo.com

A/AGM (Projects)

Eng. S. Wijesinghe
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), PG.Dip (Archaeology),
MEng (Foundation Engineering & Earth Retaining Systems)
Tel : +94773678314
E-mail :agmprojects@cecb.lk

A/AGM (Central)

Eng. R.K.C.N.. Thilakasiri
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), MSc (Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development)
Tel : +94714488245
E-mail : namal69@gmail.com

A/AGM (Justice & Prison works)

Eng. N.K. De Silva
B.Sc. Eng. CEng, MIE(SL), M.Sc.(Municipal waste & Infrastructure), PG. Dip (Structural)
Tel: +9477 390 9470
E-mail : kalyanidesilva@gmail.com


Eng. T.N. Thewarapperuma
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), PG.Dip (Building Services Engineering)
Tel : +94776281447
E-mail : agmelec@cecb.lk

A/AGM (EPC-East) / A/AGM (EPC-Uva)

Eng. P.M.P.C. Gunatillake
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), Mphil ,PG.Dip (Structural)
Tel : +94777258194
E-mail : charithcecb@yahoo.com

A/AGM (EPC-Sabaragamuwa) / A/AGM (EPC-WP-2)

Eng. W.E.P. Ranjan Kumara
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), MSc (Foundation Engineering & Earth Retaining Systems)
Tel : +94717812103
E-mail : ranjan_wep@yahoo.com

A/AGM (EPC-North)

Eng. A.Pushparajah
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL), PG.Dip (Structural)
Tel : +94777733964
E-mail : apushpa72@gmail.com


Eng. H.R.W.K. Heendeniya
B.Sc. Eng., CEng, MIE(SL)
Tel: +9471 230 0051
Email: wheendeniya@yahoo.com


Eng. S.B.A.D.Semasinghe
B.Sc.Eng., CEng., MIE(SL), PG.Dip (Geo)
Tel : +94769635746
E-mail : anurasemasinghe@icloud.co

A/AGM (EPC-Southern)

Eng. J.D.Sunil
BScEng., CEng., MIE(SL),  PG.Dip (Construction Project Management)
Tel : +94777222039
E-mail : sunil.jaya@gmail.com 

DGM (HR&Admin)

L.P. Jayasundara
Tel: +9470 270 3277
Email: lalithjayasundara@gmail.com

Chief Internal Auditor

E.R.S. Amarasekara
Tel: +9476 693 7616
Email: cia@cecb.lk

A/DGM (Finance)

Ms. G.V.A.R.M De Silva
Tel: +9477 393 2300
Email: achinirm@gmail.com

DGM (Training & Research Development)

Eng. L C K Karunaratne
B.Sc.Eng., CEng., MIE(SL),M.Sc.(Construction Project Management)
Tel : +94718671185
E-mail : chandanaceng@gmail.com 

A/PM (Information Technology)

Eng. M.S.D.N Mahawattha 
B.Sc.Eng., CEng., MIE(SL),Pg.Dip (Management in Technology) 
Tel : +94716711017
Email: itmanager@cecb.lk


R. Rizwan
Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Company Secretary, Commissioner for Oath LL.B (Sri Lanka), LL.M (Colombo), BSc. (Business Administration)
Tel: +94766250924
Email: cecb.legalunit@gmail.com

Annual Reports