Water Supply & Drainage

The Water Supply and Drainage (WS&D) unit of CECB undertakes state of the art design of water supply, drainage and wastewater treatment systems. This unit is comprised of an experienced and well qualified Engineers and Technical staff who have successfully completed WS & D aspects of many important projects. WSD Engineers have excelled in carrying out comprehensive studies and submitting reports on particular sector activities.  They have been providing specialized services in design and construction supervision for over four decades, pertaining to the following.

  • Building plumbing (Water supply, sewerage & wastewater drainage, rain water harvesting & disposal).
  • Water distribution networks (urban and rural).
  • Elevated storage tanks and ground sumps( For potable water & fire).
  • Sewage and wastewater treatment plants (Aerobic, Anaerobic and hybrid processes).
  • Storm water drainage and disposal systems
  • Rainwater harvesting systems with retractable storage facilities.
  • Swimming pools.(Standard competition and Training pools).
  • Playgrounds,(Standard athletic and Team games)
  • Waterproofing systems in new constructions and refurbishments.
  • Refurbishment of plumbing works.
  • Forced disposal and water pumping systems
  • Irrigation systems, recreational and beautification water needs
  • Solid waste management systems
  • Technical auditing of plumbing system (both new & old)
  • Assistance in obtaining LEEDS and other Green Building Certifications
  • Particular sector reports preparation viz.;
  • Project identification and preliminary appraisal
  • Local authority clearances
  • Comprehensive investigations for new and existing systems
  • Large storm water management systems (ex. city networks)
  • Water demand calculations leading to optimum utilization
  • Sewage and wastewater drainage management
  • Sewage and wastewater treatment system
  • Rainwater harvesting systems