Contract Management & Quantity Surveying

We posses a dedicated specialized unit for Contract Management and Quantity Surveying with an in-house professional team including Contracts Managers, Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Graduate Quantity Surveyors, Quantity Surveying Assistants, and Technical Officers covering the full spectrum.

Our services cover the full range of infrastructure development projects including but not limited to Buildings, Interior works, Railway lines and Structures, Water Resources, Irrigation and Hydropower, Roads, Bridges and Tunnels.

Preliminary Cost Estimating / Cost Planning and Controlling Services

We undertake preparation of Preliminary Cost Estimates and Cost Plans and advise our clients on cost estimates in relation to the design development of a project including cost checks, cost estimates, comparative cost studies and advise on modifications in design to maintain budgetary control;

  1. Based on outline proposals
  2. Based on sketch design
  3. Based on detailed design

We will advise on constructability, escalation, contingency, cash flow, and life cycle cost to minimize project risk and maximize project value. Our service will enlighten clients in their decision making for cost reductions and to facilitate value improvements. Value Engineering is one of our key areas of expertise. For government institutions we provide our specialized service to manage cost within the respective financial limits while following prescribed guidelines.

Bills of Quantities and Consultant’s Estimates

We are well conversant with different Methods of Measurement and use the latest software and tools to take off quantities and prepare BOQQ.

  • NRM
  • SMM7
  • POM(I)
  • SLS 573
Procurement Management

We ensure that all items and services are properly acquired so that projects and processes can proceed efficiently and successfully. We support clients through all the procurement management process activities. i.e Specifying and Planning, Identifying and selecting the supplier/service provider, negotiating and contracting. We are specialized in all forms of contracts globally used, including funding agency guidelines.

Interim Valuation/ Final Accounts

We provide our services for assessing and valuing work in progress and for preparing payment certificates for interim valuations and verifying contractor’s final account.

Contract Administration

Contract administration is an extremely important aspect of every construction project. It ensures the smooth flow of a project. Through Contract Administration, by establishing clear terms and management procedures we ensure the project performance in accordance with the agreed contractual obligations between the parties to the contract.

Claims Management

Our service covers Claim Identification, Claim Prevention, Claim Mitigation and Claim Resolution. We help the clients to create a proactive claims management strategy that unlocks operational efficiency, and increased collaboration while minimizing claims during the life cycle of the project.

Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

Construction is a complex industry. Projects involve legally binding documents, money, and several parties and so, multi-layered, disputes will arise. If these are significant and disruptive enough, they can bring a project to its knees. We provide our services to clients to resolve disputes through any ADR mechanism and at the same time, support the parties for dispute avoidance as well.