We offer range of services including, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed designs, value engineering, green building energy modeling, cost estimations, building audits, pre and post contract management, construction supervision, testing, commissioning and certification with regards to all mechanical building services including Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, Fire Protection, Suppression, Detection and Alarming Systems, Vertical Transportation Systems, Building Management and Smart Building Systems, Building Maintenance Systems, Piped LP Gas supply and LP Gas Leak Detection Systems etc

Mechanical Services

The CECB Mechanical Engineering Section utilizes the latest standards, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice, published by international and local accredited institutions while gathering inspiration from the latest developments and innovations in the field of mechanical and building services through the industry for betterment of the built environment, such as green and sustainable buildings, renewable energy integration, energy optimization and water conservation  to reduce the carbon foot print.

Mechanical Engineering Section of the CECB, offers multi-disciplinary mechanical and building services engineering consultancy, through a group of experienced and qualified Building Services and Mechanical professionals, who have the knowledge and ability to design and guidance in installation and operation of buildings, industrial facilities and mechanical systems.

We design solutions that integrate all building services and mechanical infrastructures, covering a wide range of sectors including residential, institutional, commercial, medical and hospitality, food industry, defense, judiciary, security and correction facilities, museum and archives and warehouse and logistics. Our project managers are knowledgeable and experienced in administering and managing construction contracts, contractors and vendors, ensuring proper project execution, timely completion and within budget.

 In addition to building services, we also provide consultancy for industrial and commercial cold rooms, warehouse and racking systems, steam distribution systems, compressed air and other industrial air distribution systems, fuel and fuel gas distribution systems, incinerators, medical gas supply systems, high-performance laboratories and clean room environments, optimal thermal environmental conditions for data centers, hydropower and renewable energy power generation etc.