Roads & Highways

In the 21st century transport has become an innovation driven segment and clients need a partner who can help them chart a path frontward. Our teams work with clients to offer specialist technical advice in reply to the current-day challenges impacting on infrastructure performance.

CECB has been engaged as the foremost consultancy firm for over four decades in the Highways & Roads sector.

Existence as a principal discipline area of the firm, CECB has been linked with this sector’s development through several years of consulting practice in Sri Lanka and Internationally.

CECB facilitates conveyance of services for enhanced planning, design and construction of Expressways, Major Highways and Roads as well as Rural Access Roads, Feeder and Secondary Roads as the necessity demands.

CECB’s skill in the sector further spreads to Planning areas, Traffic Analysis, Social and Environmental Impact Assessments as the exact project necessitates.

Our Expertise