Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Siti Small Hydropower Project

EIA for Siti Small Hydropower Project

Uganda – East Africa

VSHydro Pvt. Ltd
Chessoweri, Bukwo District
2010 -2010
Environmental Assessments and Geotechnical investigations
Project Value:
USD 43,500 (Direct) + USD 30,000 (Additional works)

The Project envisages the construction of a 26.7 MW Hydropower Scheme. Project components include the following;

  • 3 Weirs
  • 2 Power Houses (Multijet-Pelton Turbines)
  • 2 Headrace channels (over 6 km – combined length)
  • 2 Penstock lines (over 3 km)
  • Project related infrastructure including roads, engineers’ camps and water supply and sanitation facilities.

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