Training Research & Development as a

            "Strategy for Growth"

We always value our employees as the “heart of the Bureau”. We contemplate Training Research & Development as indispensable strategic tool in order to gain competitive advantage in the world of business. Hence we identify the needs for training and development and select techniques suitable for these needs, plan how to implement them and thereafter evaluate outcome for outstanding performance, innovation, creativity as a result of training attended.

We ensure that employee’s skills and knowledge are fully utilized through adequate and timely training design and implementation.

What We Offer

CPD Programmes For CECB and Non - CECB Employees

We ensure our experts continuously climb upwards in their carrier by equipping them with right skills & we share knowledge with non-CECB employees also.

Internship Programmes

We prepare future leaders under the shadows of professional giants. We make sure they turn to be cathedral builders and not just brick layers.

CECB Symposium

Symposium is a stage to our multi-disciplinary professionals to share the technical approaches they practiced in design & project implementations.

External Training Programmes + Sponsorships for PgD's & Masters

External Training Offers a fresh perspective on how things are done and future-proofs the employees by extracting knowledge from industry experts

Capacity Building Programmes

We invest in capacity building programmes to increase individual employee's knowledge & skills as we have realized that these individuals impact CECB to move forward

Overseas Training

We groom professionals to lead the emerging development projects in our country by providing them opportunities to cross  boundaries and bring back global knowledge and experience.

Field Visits

"If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water. On dry land no frame of mind is every going to help you" -Bruce Lee-

Employees broaden their horizons to think out of the box by stepping into a place where the actual job is done.