Quality Assurance

Quality Statement

Construction projects encompass a large number of tasks performed by a wide spectrum of experts and professionals, but what all they have in common is their commitment to delivering quality work on time and to budget. Quality management is an essential component of overall construction project management, and often makes the difference between a company’s success and failure.

In construction, Quality management includes the policies, processes and procedures all put in place to improve an organization’s ability to deliver quality to its customers. The term customers may include clients/owners, contractors or subcontractors.

Quality Responsibilities

This involves organizing and establishing project quality objectives including policies, and guaranteeing the fulfilment of quality objectives and policies for the purpose of approval and issuance of the project quality policies.

Co-ordinating the quality management relationship among the relevant departments is also an important aspect.

Another important aspect in quality responsibilities is establishing and approving necessary quality reward and punishment measures to encourage outstanding personnel and penalize personnel not performing quality responsibilities.

Making decisions for the important quality incidents is another aspect.

Quality Records

Compile quality record control procedures for identification, collection, indexing, archiving, storage, maintenance and processing of quality records.

Quality Objectives

To implement the necessary quality systems to ensure the successful completion of the Project while providing safe, reliable, operative facilities and meeting all specified requirements of the contract.

Quality in Construction

This includes inspection and test plans for all construction activities and approval for materials prior to commencement of construction, calibration of measuring and testing equipment, storage of materials, identification and traceability of materials, control of construction process, reporting and processing of unqualified products, quality training, etc. and many more.

Quality Promise

Ensures the quality assurance and control of procurement and construction activities of the Project in strict accordance with the requirements of the Client and the Contract

Quality Assurance

Whereas Quality Assurance defines a method for determining the how and when of construction standards

  • Method statements
  • Standards and specifications
  • Check list

Quality Control

Quality Control ensures that fieldworkers, operators, and management correctly respond to the specified QA standards.