CECB is the Premier and the Largest Consulting Firm Sri Lanka ever had in Water Management and Hydro Power Sector since 1973 and have engaged in almost all the large-scale water management projects under Mahaweli and similar projects. In 1980s it expanded its wings to off-shore projects providing design, design review and overall consultancy services in off-shore construction projects locally and in South Asian neighbor countries.

Currently, CECB provides consultancy services for offshore projects such as harbors and port development projects including quays and jetties, reclamation works and other coastal structures in the country as a Consultant for decades. During this journey, CECB has ensured that the projects are steered in a professional manner with the objective of achieving the intended goals.

The coastal engineering team consists of well qualified and experienced Project Managers, Coastal Engineers, Structural Engineers, Building Service Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Environmentalists.

Ongoing Projects

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