Geotechnical Laboratory

Projects with great sensitivity to soil-rock behaviour increasingly rely on sophisticated testing programs. To address the unique geo-design needs of such projects, CECBLS operates an Advanced Soil and Rock Testing Laboratory led by experienced engineers. This facility is one of the leading government geotechnical laboratories in the country equipped with high-volume capacity and automated, around-the-clock capabilities promote the expedited turnaround of test data.

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • General soil testing- physical
  • Field sampling and testing
  • Advanced soil testingTriaxial test (UU, CU, CD, Triaxial pereability)
    Oedometer test
    Direct shear test
    Soil UCS test
    Pinhole test
  • Rock testingRock Triaxial test
    Rock UCS with Poison ratio and Young’s modulus
    Slake durability test
    Rock UCS
    Point Load Index
    Indirect Tensile strength test (Brazilian)
  • Field Sampling & TestingDisturbed sampling
    Undisturbed sampling
    Auger boring
    Concrete and asphalt coring
    Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP)
    Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
    Field Density
    Plate Bearing Test
    Filed CBR
    Destructive and Non-destructive testing
    Mackintosh Probe test