Social & Environmental Impact Assessments

Are you planning to do a new project?

Will it have an impact on our environment?

We will guide you whether…………………..

You should do a feasibility study,

Or an Environmental Impact Assessment,

Or simply follow an Environmental Recommendation provided by CEA to ensure that

Our environment will be minimally impacted due to the change that you do…..

Our Team includes Chartered Environmental Professionals, Civil Engineers, Geologists and Natural Resources Management Specialists to provide the best solutions and guaranteeing the best service until the end.

Our experience includes conducting EIA in the following fields in both Sri Lanka and Overseas

  • Coastal, Port, Fisheries, Harbour rehabilitation or construction
  • Irrigation, Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Structural developments (Towers, Apartments, Roads, Railways, etc.)
  • Power Supply (LNG)
  • Socio-economic & livelihood restoration