Design of Dams & appurtenant structures

Design of dams and other infrastructure requires expertise knowledge and experience in water resources management. In which, CECB has mastered from design experience in decades, starting from major dam projects such as Victoria dam, to many more dams including Kalu ganga dam, Broadlands dam, Seethawaka dam in present including international projects as well.

We deliver Concept, preliminary, detailed Engineering Designs of dams, hydraulic structures such as outlets, intake structures, spillways, tunnels, surge tanks, various type of canals, level crossing structures, regulatory structures, aqueducts, surge tanks, penstocks, sluices and many more, based on the hydrology, topography, project requirement, social and environmental concerns.

We use software like CADAM and ANSYS for dam stability analysis and finite element analysis and hydraulic models, CFD models for various structures as required to increase the accuracy of the designs.

From Irrigation projects, hydropower projects, to multipurpose reservoir projects CECB inherits a vast knowledge that will ensure the client that the project requirements are fulfilled with the optimum solution possible.