CPD Programme Professional Applications Of Paint Systems

Professional Applications Of Paint Systems

A continuous professional development programme tittled “Professional applications of paint systems” was held on 22.11.2023 at CECB Auditorium. The event took place in a hybrid form.
Professional staff were focused and 150 (approx.) were offered the opportunity to take part in
the session, while others joined via Zoom and YouTube.
The team – Training Research & Development Unit was organised the programme with the
intention of up skilling the workforce consistently which enables the employees sharpen the
skills they have learned, speed up innovations in “processes” and to swiftly adopt the latest
technological developments.
The presentation was conducted by Mr. Prabath Jayawardana, B.Sc. (Hons), MBA, CIM
(UK).Head of Technical Support at Nippon Paint Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
Mr. Prabath talked about the practical concerns and remedial measures that arise up both during
and after application of painting systems. As the topic is much pertinent to today’s business
context, the engagement of the participants for the programme is proved to be very interactive.
The programme was live streamed on Youtube

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