Water Resource Development

CECB provided multi disciplinary engineering consultancy services for all major water resources development projects Since our inception in 1973.

During the formative years (1973-1977) we carried out investigations of Kandakadu scheme, Kothmale hydropower project and MaduruOya reservoir project.

Following 1977, Government of Sri Lanka embarked upon ambitious programme for completion of Mahaweli Development programme in 06 years.

CECB served as a key institution in the implementation of the Accelerated Mahaweli Ganga Development Programme (Objective - increase the agricultural production and hydro-power generation by implementing five major projects, namely the Maduru-Oya, Kotmale, Victoria, Randenigala and Rantembe).

CECB provided counterpart services in the implementation of these major multi billion rupee schemes and the Bureau was associated with international consultants such as Sir William Halcrow and Partners, Messrs Kennedy & Donkin, Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners in the United Kingdom, Salzgitter Consult GmbH, and Hydrotechnik Gmb in Germany, Electrowatt Engineering Services Ltd. Switzerland. CECB developed strong engineering competence and expertise through these associations.

The Bureau was also responsible for the design and supervision of all project related infrastructure (access roads, bridges, buildings and water supply) associated with these major hydropower and Irrigation projects.

With the completion of accelerated Mahaweli Development Programme around 1990, CECB was entrusted with planning of the development of remaining water resources of the island.

We carried out feasibility studies for Menik Ganga Diversion project, Uma Oya multi-purpose project, Yan Oya Reservoir Project and Kalu Ganga reservoir project between 1990 to 2000.

During the last decade we provided consulting services for Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project, Feasibility Study (including EIA studies) of the Moragolla Hydropower Project, Consultancy services for Deduru Oya Small Hydropower Project and Basnagoda Reservoir Project.

We have now entered to regions beyond our Sri Lankan shores and provide consultancy services in East Africa (Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda).