Engineering Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is equipped to carryout tests on engineering materials, some of them are,

  • General Soil & Aggregate Testing.
  • Soil Triaxial (UU, CU, CD), Drained.
  • Direct Shear and Consolidation Testing.
  • Rock Triaxial Testing for NX Cores.
  • Testing for Elastic Moduli of Rock.
  • Conducting plate bearing tests.
  • Concrete Cubes and Non-destructive Testing.
  • Concrete Mix Designs with trail mix results.
  • In-situ concrete quality assessments.
  • Asphalt coring and testing.
  • Testing for Marshal stability and flow.
  • Noise & Vibration Monitoring.
  • Chemical Testing of construction  materials.
  • Water quality testing.
  • Training technical personnel.
  • Facilitating industrial research.